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About Me

After various jobs in book shops, wine shops and record shops (three of my favourite things), I joined a London firm of antiquarian bookellers in 1999. After three years of learning all aspects of the trade, I began to specialise in occult and esoteric material in 2002; which is also the year I made my first attempt at trading under my own name. Three years later, after some ups and some downs, I rejoined the London firm and continued developing my speciality until leaving again in 2013; to once again try my hand at independent book dealing.

Although I also deal in literature, general antiquarian and anything else that I see as curious or interesting, my main focus is on the esoteric, particularly the Victorian Occult Revival, concentrating on books authored by members of the Golden Dawn and its descendant or contemporary orders and groups, as well as early works on alchemy, magic and witchcraft. Please see the FAQ page for more details on authors etc.

I work from my home in Kent, but visitors are welcome by appointment, though my holding stock is often quite small as many of the more interesting esoteric items are sold directly to my mailing list send me an email if you would like to subscribe. I often exhibit at the monthly Bloomsbury Book Fair which provides another opportunity to view my stock in person.

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